Giving the Gift of Confidence

30 November -1

Hello and welcome back. What a busy month we’ve had – in fact, it’s been a month of great news for GC Aesthetics. 

Christmas is fast approaching; and we would love to know what you’ve asked for this year. We know that many of you are wishing for the ‘gift of confidence’ for 2014, so it’s a great time for us to think about the reasons women want breast implants and for us to highlight the importance in doing your research before going ahead with surgery.

We’ve asked some of our inspirational customers the reasons why they wanted breast augmentation surgery – we hope their comments will help you in making your decision…

“After pregnancy, breastfeeding and turning 30, I wanted to do something for 'me' that would make me feel sexy and give me a new lease of life. I kick myself that I didn't do it 10 years ago because I absolutely love my results and I'm so glad I did it. I definitely feel sexier and the surgery has given me a huge confidence boost. I also feel that I got the exact the look I had hoped for.”

“Up to the age of 18 I went to an all girls school and as the other girls developed, I didn’t. For a couple of years I was badly bullied and it had a profound affect on my confidence. I eventually had my surgery aged 21, and was completely and utterly thrilled with the results. I loved how it enabled me to wear anything I wanted without worrying about wearing my Wonderbra and chicken fillets!”

At the top of your list of questions, we’re sure you’ll have ‘safety and quality’ as top themes. The GCA Comfort Guarantee is our way of making you feel really comfortable about your decision to have breast surgery. We hope that a lifetime guarantee on your new implants will help you to relax in the knowledge that we are that confident in the quality of our products. Also, to show you how our implants are made, we have created this behind-the-scenes video at our factory in France. Our implants are made to the highest quality and tested vigourously.

We hope this blog post fills you with ‘the gift of confidence’. The GC Aesthetics team would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very merry Christmas - we hope you enjoy the festive season!

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