Issue 1

14 August 2013

Hello and welcome to our first blog on our new look website! We hope you like it. As the home of Eurosilicone, we’d love to share not only news on our exciting plans but also all things breast related from around the world.

This month has been all about Girl Power. We are proud to have our first female Chief Executive - Ayse Kocak. And believe it or not she is the first woman in the world to head up a breast implant manufacturing business. Ayse has been making headlines, supporting women across the globe to make more informed decisions about what breast implants they choose.

We couldn’t agree more with her philosophy “It's my choice, it's my body, so therefore if I'm going to feel better, more attractive, more confident, more empowered with a different type of breast - bigger or with more volume - then I'm completely supportive of it!” Go girl!

Talking of support, we wanted to find out what the most popular style of bra was amongst our global social media community. With so much choice available, it came as a surprise that the Balcony bra topped the poll with 50% of the votes and the plunge came second with only 17%. Well it’s our firm favourite too, here’s a pick of the best from daytime to those extra special occasions.

Whatever style of bra you chose to enclose your cleavage in, is more than many celebrities are choosing as they opt to go braless. A trend that seems to be sweeping the UK is the side boob or side cleavage. Perhaps not that controversial or new in the States or Brazil, but the conservative British are daring to bare a little more skin than usual. Resident Brit Gwyneth Paltrow, Carey Mulligan and Anne Hathaway have all been spotted showing off their side assets. We’re still a little undecided if it’s hot or not in the fashion stakes here at Eurosilicone, but there is no denying that if you have great breast and want to show them off, there is something a little tempting about a sneak peek of the rounded side of a breast! As our obsession continues, we’ve heard on the grape vine that nipples are set to become the new side boob. We wonder what will be next!

We will be revealing the findings to our global survey on breast implant trends in the next blog, so everything from the most popular size to the country, which has the largest and smallest implants.

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